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Table Water Dispenser

Table Water Dispenser

Normaalihinta $49.99 USD
Normaalihinta $79.99 USD Alennushinta $49.99 USD
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Electrical outlet

Stay Hydrated to gain more health benefits

Staying properly hydrated is essential for maintaining good health. Staying hydrated will help you to gain the following health benefits:

- Regulate body temperature
- Supports digestion
- Supports proper kidney function by flushing toxins from the body
- Helps to boost cognitive function
- Maintains healthy skin
- Improves athletic performance


With a table water dispenser, you can have water available at all times without the need for bottles or pitchers. This can be especially convenient for when you have to sit at desk for longer hours. It can encourage people to drink more water, which is important for staying hydrated and maintaining good health.


 By using our table water dispenser, you can reduce your consumption of single-use plastic bottles, which can help to reduce your environmental impact.

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Customer Reviews

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Candice Rosenbaum

Very beautiful. I thought it was a little taller, but it's enough for everyday use. Despite washing the hose before use, it left the water tasting bad. I will have to buy a silicone hose nontoxic.

Roel Beahan

Product quality is exceptional. The construction of the product is wonderful. Silent and quick product when filling a bottle. His only defect is not to be taller, so he could put a 500ml bottle to fill up on his feet in the same way I do with a glass.

Alfred Harber

I 've been using for days. Very good. I love😍

Victoria Monahan

The pump is great. I did not check the dosage accuracy, but it works perfectly. The stand with a diameter of 9 cm in the depression of the village is magnificent. Really the parts were in something like oil, although they are plastic, strange.

Sterling Wintheiser

Very fast shipping and delivery, very good packaging and very good product, fair price. Pearl White color, very elegant. Complete with all the accessories, it works very well and is very practical as a jug with filter, I absolutely recommend both the store and the product👍👍👍👍👍